The ORGANIC FOOD BAR Brand Champions is our new nationwide ambassador program that supports athletes, coaches, journalists, trainers, nutrition experts and other health and fitness influencers.

The ORGANIC FOOD BAR Brand Champions are a special breed. They strive to live their best lives while seeking others to do the same. They believe that healthy eating and smart exercise are two key aspects to living life to the fullest. They also believe that ORGANIC FOOD BARS are a gift to the world, and they do what they can to spread the word about ORGANIC FOOD BAR.

You can become an OFB Brand Champion!

You needn’t be an Ironman triathlete, double board-certified physician or marathon runner to become an ORGANIC FOOD BAR Brand Champion. You simply need to lead by example and be committed to your health and the health of those around you. Become an OFB Brand Champion and we will support you with OFB product and apparel and select event support. Just contact us for more information!

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