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I would like to speak candidly to you, our customers, regarding the recent legal matter between ORGANIC FOOD BAR and Premier Nutrition.

This is a legal challenge we initiated against Premier for attempting to copy our name.

Let me say at the outset that we are not a litigious company. Our focus is on people’s health. We make delicious, healthful organic products. ORGANIC FOOD BAR pioneered the raw organic nutrition bar industry at a time before organics or raw food were widely accepted or en vogue. We did it because it was the right thing to do, not because it was the lucrative thing to do.

Now that organics have become mainstream – and subsequently lucrative — there have been a slew of companies that have witnessed our success and have tried to capitalize on it. Premier we believe is one such example.

We are ORGANIC FOOD BAR. This name is our heart and soul – and our trademark. We make a variety of organic nutrition bars. Premier used the name “Organic Raw Food Bar.” Clearly, we believed that this would create confusion in the marketplace, and was unfair to our brand. Premier had the opportunity to name their product in a wide variety of ways. Instead they use our name and insert the word “raw.” Some would say this is, at best, opportunistic and, at worst, disingenuous.

But, as we have grown accustomed to saying: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

I founded ORGANIC FOOD BAR, Inc. in 2001. ORGANIC FOOD BAR products were the first organic nutrition bars in the world. Now, they are the best-selling organic nutrition bars in the world. We have achieved this feat not through marketing or promotion, but through a relentless commitment to the finest ingredients – and to our customers. We handcraft our bars fresh each day in a certified organic and kosher facility on site. We have earned the abiding loyalty of our customers who are vocal advocates for our brand. That is why we’re number one.

Fortunately, people are smarter than some companies give them credit for. Consumers know the difference between a superior product and an inferior one; they understand that a side-by-side examination of two products will reveal which is best. They recognize that by being an original, and the leader, you open yourself up to being copied.

ORGANIC FOOD BAR remains the industry leader, and we will always stay ahead of our competition, because we adhere to unsurpassable standards. It is why we invest more time, money and love per bar than any company in the world.

It gets back to that name again: “ORGANIC FOOD BAR.” It’s who we are. It’s who we’ll always be. And, nobody can ever take that away from us.

ORGANIC FOOD BAR.  The name may be imitated — but the product is never duplicated.

Thank you for your support.

To your health,

Dr. Jack J. Singh

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